Matt Fitt 950w
Newport Pier in Newport Beach, CA.
Scenic portrait of Antelope Canyon
  • Young people dancing

    Dinner party or casual party for friends, a good photographer is a must. Matt Fitt enjoys taking photographs at a party as it gives him the opportunity to bring out lights.  Unless your venue is lit for television, it is unlikely to have full-spectrum lighting, so Matt Fitt always arrives at parties prepared to light […]

  • Hot Licks

    Professional singers and musicians, or any sort of live performance, either indoor or outdoor, can be incredibly challenging to photograph.  Most importantly, the photographer must always avoid upsetting the audience by wandering in front of them. For high action performances Matt Fitt often wants to freeze the action completely, so he knows he must use […]

  • Evening Gathering

    Gatherings for the purpose of promoting fellowship are a norm in our society. Social gatherings are intended to create goodwill among the participants and obtaining great photos of the event and its participants is always welcomed. Be it an intimate dinner party, an evening get-together or a large affair with dancing, Matt Fitt Photography will capture […]

  • Gavin Newsom Speaking

    Photographing a speaker can be tricky Most of the time a public speaker is at a podium and the photographer can listen to the cadence in their speech and get in sync with it. But often times, the photographer is hired to capture images of someone that is not a dynamic speaker and at those […]